Great Pyrenese Free to good home

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Re: Great Pyrenese Free to good home

Post by Mfrase27 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:37 am

My kijiji dog is also worth her weight in gold- and she’s a Great Dane ;). But, I agree you have to be so careful. Mine was still under a year old. They said she spent her days and nights in her crate because she tore up garbage and ran around like a ding dong. 3 big walks per day and a “last piddle” before bed - she’s the perfect dog. Never dug up the garden, never got into the garbage, wonderful with my girls and older dog. She leaves the chickens alone but gets the ground hogs. I’d be an ahole if I was in a cage all day too. They said she was clumsy, but that’s the breed and she’s mostly grown out of it. When I was sick, that dog got up with me everytime I went to the bathroom, whether to pee or get sick. Every time. For 8 months. When my reflux baby cried all night, she paced the halls with me and would rest her head on me when I cried too. She had attachment issues with me in the beginning. Wherever I would go, she would grab my fingers between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. It was like she was holding my hand. It was weird lol. I asked the vet and she said it’s just anxiety about being separated from me. Eventually she didn’t need it. That was our biggest habit to break. Oh, and sitting on people. She would try and sit on my daughter, who was 2 😬. But she figured that out too! She lets the girls reach down her throat and in her ears for “vet” inspections- obviously I discourage but Sadie doesn’t care. She also allows her nails to be painted with water or baby polish- but runs if it’s the real stuff (can’t blame her, that crap stinks). Like I said, perfect dog.

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Re: Great Pyrenese Free to good home

Post by WLLady » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:38 am

oh me too! i've met dean's dogs, and they're wonderful!
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Re: Great Pyrenese Free to good home

Post by kenya » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:20 pm

Yes I think the reason these dogs end up on kijiji is people don't put any time into training and then wonder why the dog doesn't behave as expected.

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Re: Great Pyrenese Free to good home

Post by ross » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:43 pm

Yu have to know more than the dog to train um . Most folks don’t .

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Re: Great Pyrenese Free to good home

Post by Dominion Link » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:01 am

It was an odd story behind Jojo coming up for sale on Kijiji. He had been imported, as a puppy, from a US breeder by a Chinese international student in Toronto. When Jojo was about 5 months old, his owner decided to go back for a visit to China and she left him with another Chinese international student who was living in a condo on Yonge St, downtown Toronto. After about 6 months the owner had not returned or been in any kind of contact with her friend, so he put Jojo up on Kijiji. The friend who had been condo boarding Jojo wanted a couple hundred $ to cover some of the costs of shots and food for the dog, and after checking him out I figured it was worth taking the chance. Since getting Jojo 3 years ago, he has proven to be worth far more than we paid.

Jojo's actual name was Xiao Xiao (I believe that it how it is spelt) which is pronounced Cho Cho, but Jojo sounded better to us.
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