various breeds

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various breeds

Post by shaded » Sat Jul 03, 2021 3:22 pm

i've had the same breeds for the past 10 years as listed in my signature, except for one change as of this year. Given I cannot find ANY new blood for my Exchequer Leghorns I've opted to switch over to Anconas. Same black and white looks but are on the Heritage Livestock list as endangered so better for me in my almost 30 year membership. Standard Dark Cornish are not given enough credit for their egg laying capacity, Light Brown Leghorn are just as good. My white Chantecler group got some new blood last year and it shows. Buckeyes are ramping up. BC Marans somehow ended up with a non-coppered girl or 2 but still good colour. And Ameraucanas are pretty solid now with red/gold leakage almost completely gone-shows up in 1/20 chicks.
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