Extra pullets for sale

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Extra pullets for sale

Post by Giffen Farms » Sun Jul 04, 2021 6:22 am

Have several purebred future layers available, healthy and very active, hatched April 30 & May 1st, expected to start laying late August early September, flight feathers have been trimmed to prevent flying over fences.
Best to call or text me at 705-seven-two-two-2101 I'm just outside of Barrie.

Pullets $20 each
Cockerels $10 each

8 Buff orpington
5 Lavender orpington- SOLD
10 Silver laced wyandotte - SOLD
4 Golden laced wyandottes - SOLD
8 Partridge wyandottes
6 Red and/or buff silkies
8 Easter eggers
8 Olive eggers
6 Ancona
4 Speckled sussex
5 New hampshire
5 Buff laced polish - SOLD
5 Black crested white polish - SOLD
8 Naked necks - SOLD
8 Barnevelder - 1 left
8 Delaware -5 left
8 Blue Andalusian - 7 left

I will update numbers as they sell
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