2021 goat report

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2021 goat report

Post by Farrier1987 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:17 am

Started the year with two doelings after have to put down their mother last fall. Both got bred in January with an Alpine buck. Early June Gilley had twins, boy and girl. I didnt think Rhona had been bred, wasnt bagging and not very big. Then about mid June, I was in the barnyard and she came out of the goat house with red hanging behind. I hadnt heard anything, but looking in the goathouse. there was a licked off little girl. Was milking both as required to not let them bee too full and to get them used to being milking.

I had got Celeste back in March or so and milked her all summer.

Sold Rhona and her little girl in August. $425, probably wasnt enough but too much milk and a good place for her to go where she will be an important part of the family and provide milk for the children. Went very close to WLL and Martin.

Sold Gilley's little boy to a guy that wanted to raise up a well bred and friendly dairy buck. Got 250 for him. Vaccinated and all, but I guess he got bad diarrhoea about a month later, vet out and all, but he died, which is disappointing.

So going into this winter I am still milking Celeste, but drying her up. I think she got bred about the middle Nov, so mid April babies. Gilley was up at a neighbors for carnal purposes for most of October, so she should be bred for mid March.

Gillie's daughter Jacqueline is at a different neighbor visiting right now, should be end of April or so. I have always before stuck to only good dairy lines, but It is a bit different for Jackie. She is good and healthy and big for 6 months, and it is marginally young to breed, but these neighbors have Nigerians. And Nigerians are supposed to be smaller but also for dairy, so that is where she has gone. Smaller babies for a younger goat, but still some good dairy qualities. Shall see.
Gilley Jacqueling
Gilley Jacqueling
Rhona Gilley
Rhona Gilley
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