Canning and Pickling Beets

Processing for your own freezer and cold storage, canning and pickling....
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Canning and Pickling Beets

Post by muffin57 » Tue May 01, 2018 3:24 pm

Easy Steps to Canning and Pickling Beets (with 6 Recipes)

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Re: Canning and Pickling Beets

Post by KimChick » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:29 pm

I do love beets and beet greens.
I really like roasted beets! And am still in search of the best pickled beets recipe.
The biggest issue is the vinegar to water ratio. I do not like them to be too, too sour.
Having taken up pickling and preserving again, after a few working years off, some things have changed.
For example, preserving tomatoes now state to add a teaspoon of lemon juice, then the usual water bath. Research told me that it is because the acidity has been bred out of tomatoes.
When we make dill pickles, we make the fermented kind, like pickle barrel pickles. They do not get a water bath.
Now I am seeing pickled beet recipes that call for a water bath. This, my family has never done. We have, however, sterilized the jars, and worked quickly, using hot jars, hot beets, and hot brine.
Which brings me to..... I bought myself a new toy! A pH Checker - to check the acidity level of some of last year's pickled beets recipes.
I did this because I had contacted the company, Bernardin, who connected me with another company, who told me that the vinegar:water ratio is a tricky question; the amount of vinegar is dependent on the natural acidity of the vegetable. So to check that, I have to take the acidity level of the beets that were pickled. I still have to calibrate the pH Checker, though. I will post again when I have finally done that.
So... I'm doing the "science thing".
Hopefully, it will be before it is time to harvest this year! ;)
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