Question Feedback plz ~ "RESCUE DOG" or buy the breed you want?

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Feedback plz ~ "RESCUE DOG" or buy the breed you want?

Post by tcamp » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:36 pm

We have two boxers right now, our old girl is almost 11 and she will have to be put down sooner than later I am sure. Our young male is 2. Up until him we have always had females. (2 others, one was a rescue that I never could get the separation anxiety out of so i gave her to someone with more patience than I have after having her here for three years and finally giving up. I couldn't crate her either so she kept me very close to the house!) I find this male we have now, so much easier to train than any of the females ever were...and I have very little patience these days lol!
In this house I won't do rescues. I have a way of training my dogs and do not put up with bad behaviours (no dogs allowed on beds or on sofas) so it just doesn't work for me to rescue, although the idea is very noble. So I get them as pups.
Boxers are high energy, but they also aim to please. Two things have worked well for me over the years, crate training for the first two years, and an electric collar system. My young guy will be two at the end of September and he has already progressed to being allowed out of his crate at night...and we left him home loose today for the second time with great results. So he may be early out of the crate, lol!

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Feedback plz ~ "RESCUE DOG" or buy the breed you want?

Post by egg-centric » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:42 pm

I have both: one very purebred dog from a top breeder, and four rescues. Of the rescues, one is a a mix. I have a Bulldog, but a British one. He is fine on the farm but learned the hard way not to nip at the horse's heels. The best dog I have for farm is the Cane Corso rescue, but only because she is trained. She does have prey drive and would likely harm if allowed. The hound and the hound/GSD cannot be trusted at all around livestock.

In the end, it depends on you. If you do want a purebred, make sure it is not a backyard breeder and that it is someone in it to better the breed. A reputable breeder will health test, register the dogs, and offer unconditional support. Just my two cents.

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