Vernon auction tomorrow.

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Re: Vernon auction tomorrow.

Post by Ontario Chick » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:48 pm

It was interesting, I got there at 9:30 and about quoter of chairs were empty, never saw that before.
Normal number of lots, but fewer boxes per lot, by the time I was leaving around 11, they were already on lot 12, pretty unusual.
Good clean sale glad to see that continue, unfortunately John Joynt wasn't the Auctioneer and I am sure that made a difference on the prices. The young auctioneer was very hard to understand.
Some prices, pair of Gold Seabrights $ 27
Trio of Silver Seabrights $60
Incubator and turner $ 102
Trio of Spangled Hamburgs $20
Pair Egyptian geese $ 80
Pair of White quail $ 12, & $ 5,
Pair of Gray calls $ 27
I wasn't able to buy anything, was too busy keeping SR's hands behind his back ;)
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Re: Vernon auction tomorrow.

Post by Skinny rooster » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:48 am

I think John has retired, he is usually there probably to consult, I can't remember if he worked at Alfred but he didn't at McDonald's Corners. I thought it was me, I have trouble understanding the younger man as well. I like the way the other man is starting to work for the seller, reminding people they will pay much more in spring, kick starting them to bid. The prices started to rise, snowy calls went for $50/pair $75/trio then show quality grey calls went from $120 to $187. Hens started to reach $20, some bantam pairs were getting close the $30. There seemed to be a core group of buyers by noon that were serious about buying, lucky for sellers. Some stuff still went cheap. I left before 2:00, in case I did something stupid like bring home a pair of turkeys or guinea hens.

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