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Portable generator propane adaptor.

Post by Dominion Link » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:56 am

A few months ago I bought a new portable generator to replace our old one. Our biggest concern is ensuring that we can operate our furnace and well pumps during power outages, and our local CT had an instore sale on Generac 7500E that can take care of this and much more. Thing is, I had really wanted a portable propane generator, for a few different reasons, but couldn’t find anything good available up here. So I found several propane adaptor kits and ended up ordering one that we installed a couple weeks ago. For what the kit consists of, it wasn’t cheap, but given the heavily discounted price on the generator we still came out way ahead.

The installation was fairly simple and when we test ran it under load with a 1500 w heater, it ran like a charm. The kit we went with allows us to use high and low pressure propane and natural gas, as well as the original gasoline configuration. Handy to have a variety of fuel options.
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