More predator control

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More predator control

Post by Farrier1987 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:29 pm

I get no great glee or joy, but there is some satisfaction in doing what I know how to do.

The neighbor saw a pair of foxes a week or so ago. And I saw some fresh digging at a groundhog hole that had been there for a few years. A young rooster disappeared last week too. So I set a trap, just to see what was what.

Pic of the 330 Conibear trap set over the back entrance to the lair. Another was set at the main entrance at the base of a tree. Pic of the vixen I caught still in the trap. See how that 12" square closed two places, neck and hips? She was almost instantly dead. I will not use foothold traps. This size Conibear is great for coon, skunk, fox and coyote. I had an easy set at the den there, but fox and coyote are usually harder to get. I won't bait for them as I don't want to get a dog or cat.

With getting the vixen, (no milk, no babies) I am hoping the dog fox will find somewhere else to go. But if not, I will deal with him as required.

This is how I protect my free range birds. Probably not on here, but some would call me names. I don't usually spread it around the coffee shop. Do what you need to do and shutup. He will go to the recycle spot on the edge of the bush with the coon I mashed last week.
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