The Pastor's pig.

Warning!!!! May contain mild language and off-colour humour. Please try to keep it clean and for all age groups folks.
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The Pastor's pig.

Post by Skinny rooster » Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:50 am

A Pastor and his wife had been assigned to a country church. To get a feel for rural life he bought a little pig with the intention to raise it and show it in the fall fair. He was determined to win and fed it well hoping to get champion sow. However a week before the fair his sow disappeared.
One day a little boy approached the pastor and feeling guilty, told him that his father had stolen the pig for winter meat. The Pastor gave the little boy $20 to repeat everything he just said in church the following Sunday, as the dad was a parishioner! The father however saw his son speaking with the minister and questioned the boy later, he told the boy that he would give him $50 if he repeated what the dad wanted him to say in church.
The following Sunday the Pastor got up and told the congregation that what the little boy was about to say was the absolute truth. The boy stood up and said "last week I saw our Pastor kissing different women from this parish"! Horrified the Pastor yelled "the pig, the pig, no tell them about the pig"! The little boy said "oh yes and the pig too"!

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