Cockerels gone, broody time starts soon.

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Cockerels gone, broody time starts soon.

Post by Farrier1987 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:45 am

Days are getting longer. Will soon have a broody hen clucking at me and biting me and wont get off the next. I am going to try to not set anything til into March, but who knows what their raging hormones will do.

I got rid of a bunch of cockerels in Oct or so, six I think. Neighbors wanted free range etc and they would butcher, Fine with me. They had not killed chickens before, and they were not impressed. Told me one of them had two large white cysts, and that they had just disposed of him, not for eating because he had cancer or something they figured. I told them they were testicles, they didnt believe that something that size could have testicles that big. And they were kind of tough, and the feathers got all over everything. So they don't really want any more of my cockerels.

So from Oct to now, a bunch more had matured, Hens going bald and nest boxes with all the bedding kicked out. Time to thin out the crowd again. So I have some Pakistani friends that wanted them, wanted them bad. So I got the big dog carrier, and caught up about 8. These people run a rrestaurant, and I told them they could not serve them there. They assured me that wouldnt happen, but that was the best place for me to deliver them. So I showed up about 10 am with them at the back door of the restaurant. And they took the crate to the drygoods storage room. I was thinking, just til they could get uncle to come get them. I was offered chi, so Mohamed and I were sitting and drinking out tea. When the restaurant supply truck showed up with the week's supplies. They unloaded and filled their cart and took things into the storage room.

When Mohamed came back, I asked if the delivery guys had seen the roosters. He said of course. I asked what they thought, and he didnt know. I said I hoped they did not report him, as the health inspector might take a dim view. Why? he asked. I suggested a public restaurant should not have live animals, and a sort of worried look appeared. Then a lot of talking and phone calls in Urdu, and about 5 min later, uncle did show up and take them home. I hope all turns out well for them. Uncle was very pleased, smiling me and thanking me profusely in Urdu, not that I understood the words, but his meaning could not be mistaken.

Anyway, peace reigns around my coop. Two mature roosters, an easter egger from Naomi and a BCMarans from Goosy Gail. And about 20 hens and pullets. And re bedded nest boxes. And soon the cycle will start again.
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Re: Cockerels gone, broody time starts soon.

Post by Killerbunny » Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:24 am

My neighbour (yup that farming wife again) got a cockerel. Didn't like the nasty yellow skin and what was up with that because they should have white skin. Well it's a Wyandotte -duh!
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