Broodies broodies broodies and breaking.

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Broodies broodies broodies and breaking.

Post by Farrier1987 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:44 pm

Just a few days til the equinox. Weather has been warm. And the girls are heating up.

I Set Bianca in early Feb, she is strutting about clucking and screeching with her 4 in tow. Queen of the place. Her hatching seemed to get the others fired up.

I set Cherry on 8 about a week ago. Seems to be doing well. If she hatches a few days before the end of the month, there is supposed to be a sale in Harrow, and I will take her and her chicks there, see what they bring. The cuteness factor should (I hope) bring the price up a little. My kijiji price for a hen with chicks is $50, and I sell three ofr four a year. See if the auction is a better bet.

Then I set Rusty on 9 a few days ago, and Leopard yesterday on 7. Egg production has dropped from 15 a day to ten.

And today there are two more wont get off the nests and are screeching and clucking at me. I think I will break them , spread the timing out a little out a little.

I do like my broodies and the chicks, and it is not nice to put their hormones on reset, but I will put them into a wire cage with no bedding, up off the ground, no food, just water for one night and two days. That usually does it, I let them out and if they go back to the next box right away, back into the cage for another day. In the summer time, I will get them good and wet in the rain barrel before they go in the cage, increases the efficacy or my ministrations.
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