If I wanted a project.

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If I wanted a project.

Post by Skinny rooster » Wed May 23, 2018 3:23 pm

If I was going to work on a breeding project, I think it would be interesting to infuse some leghorn into my Easter egger bantams. Improve the laying a little more, they wouldn't be much bigger and hopefully cut down on the number of hens wanting to hatch. I think I would get super duper laying bantams, I would just need to not lose the colours and not make them nervous. They are weary and don't trust when I do something different but unlike nervous birds they are under foot when I stick to a routine.
Funny how good an animal can be if we don't interfere too much. By day three these babies have little wings, by two weeks they can fly, another week or so and they like to perch. My pure breed chicks were almost helpless until week four or five.

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Re: If I wanted a project.

Post by Happy » Wed May 23, 2018 7:17 pm

My Game Bantam chick’s are like a different species compared to my large fowl chicks. Little’s chicks are 1 1/2 weeks and starting to fly up. She will probably have them in the rafters in another week. Meanwhile my 3 to 7 week olds still sleep in a pile lol. I wish I could get some of your little Easter eggers to add to my coop. They sound so similar to my OEGB.

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