Who likes dominiques?

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Who likes dominiques?

Post by domineckernc » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:51 pm

I'm getting ready to propose to the Dominique club a plan to attract some top US breeders to a special meet for the purposes of getting some quality birds into Canada. It would only work if there are breeders here who want to buy good Doms at a price that offsets the cost of bringing poultry across the border. That could mean you are interested in promoting and showing this historic breed or that you want to keep a flock of standard Doms for your own pleasure. It means you want to breed to the Standard and that you want a good start to do that. It means you are willing to have a conversation with the breeder months before the show It means you are willing and able to invest time and money to travel to a show to pick up the birds. It means you probably have or plan to get an APA membership and Standard. It means you would likely join and support the breed club to stay in touch with other breeders. So if this sounds like you, let me know, so I can show that there is interest in this project.

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