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Turkey breeding

Post by Epona » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:31 pm

I have had great success in past years free range breeding our turkeys. This year, because of the bad coyote problem and because I promised eggs to another, I had the grande idea of putting the tom and 2 jennies into a 10 by 10 stall. I leaned our last Xmas tree in one corner, some straw bails angled to create hideaways and threw shavings on the ground. I thought it looked like a great turkey romance area. The one hen went broody fast....not on many eggs. I threw the tom and other Jenny back out as they kept bugging the broody hen. The broody hen had about 10 eggs, I put a couple more under her along with some Guinea eggs. Well, only 4 hatched. Did romance not bloom in confined space. I've never had less then a 90% hatch before. And to further kick sand on my efforts. I lost the free ranging Jenny during the day to a predator. The guardian dog and I had a discussion over that one.

What did I do wrong? Once a free range Romeo, always a free range bad boy? Was the space too small?

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